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Poster of Fish in the Mun River  published in 2013

Poster and 2014 Calendar "Traditional Fishing Gears in Pak Mun Area" published in 2013

Poster "Fish in Ing River Basin based on Local Knowledge" published in 2013

Poster "Fish in Upper Ping River Basin based on Local Knowledge" published in 2013 


Protect Golden Teak Forest and Yom River Basin (in Thai)

Mekong Livelihoods : Local food from the river and forest along the Mekong River. Tamui Village, Ubon Ratchathani Province

Parents took children in Tamui Village in Ubon Ratchatani Province to learn about natural food in the forest along the Mekong River.

12 Reasons Why Kaeng Sue Ten Dam Should not be Built (in Thai)

Traditional Fishing Gears in the Mekong River

(draft not for citation)

"Voices of Mae Mun People to Vanida"

Women of the Mun River : Livelihoods and their Fight

Tai Baan Research by local women affected by Pak Mun Dam

published in 2012  (avialable in Thai only

Our Living River: Voices Against Xayaburi

Fish Species in the Lower Mekong from Chiang Kan to Pak Chom Districts, Loei Province


  Kaeng Sua Ten Dam


1st Meeting of Network of Peopple in Northern River Basin 19 Jan14

  Pak Mun Dam

We want to open Pak Mun Dam's gates.


Letter to the President of Republic of Korea

Information disclosure and ensuring public participation in Thailand’s water scheme

Dear the President,

For the past five decades since Thailand’s first National Economic and Social Development Plan, a large number of Thai people have been suffered by the government’s water management. Many local communities were destroyed when dams and water infrastructure were built. Thailand is an agricultural country, which largely depends on water resources. Once the ecosystems and natural resources are devastated, it directly affects community’s livelihoods, fishery, agriculture, source of income, and food security. To date, chronic impacts of dams have not been solved, and became a long-term social problem.  more >>

Statement to Thank Korean Federation for Environmental Movement for Revealing Information and Ensuring Accountability of the Private Sector’s Role
on Thailand’s Water Management Scheme

28 June 28, 2013

We, a network of civil society and community-based organizations in Thailand, who would be affected by the Thai government’s 3.5 billion Baht Water and Flood Management Policy, would like to express our sincere appreciation to the Korean Federation for Environmental Movement (KFEM) for its courage in sending representatives to Thailand to make a field visit and exchange social and environmental issues surrounding Korean Water Resources (K-Water), who won the bid to build part of the project, for the Thai people to understand. more >>

  The Mekong River Basin


Worshiping the Mekong River 11 Oct 13

Fish Plunder at Stake, Laos Announces Plans to Build Don Sahong Dam  3 Oct 2013

Bangkok, Thailand: On Monday, Laos notified the Mekong River Commission (MRC) and member countries of its intent to build its second Mekong mainstream project, the 260 MW Don Sahong Dam. As the Don Sahong Dam will block the only channel available for dry-season fish migrations on the Mekong River, the move places the world’s largest inland fishery at stake.

Through its letter of ‘prior notification’ provided to the MRC, Laos has side-stepped its responsibilities to submit the project to the MRC’s ‘prior consultation’ process, despite earlier statements made by the MRC Secretariat and its international donors that the project should undergo the consultation process to allow for regional decision-making. more>>

2nd Peace Walk for the Mekong River
18-26 January 2013

Art performance "Naga(the Mekong River) is being cut into pieces by dams"

    About Us

WE work to support local communities’ rights to their water resources, promote local knowledge-based sustainable water resource management, and oppose threats to rivers and riverine ecosystems in Thailand and neighbor countries in the Mekong and Salween River Basins. more >>

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